My Services

  • Piano Pitch Raise and Tuning – Bringing the piano back up to concert pitch (A440). Piano Manufacturers and the Piano Technicians Guild of America recommend that pianos be tuned at least every 6 months. A pitch raise should be done if a piano has not been tuned in awhile.
  • Piano Regulation – The re-setting of the action parts to the original factory settings. This could be minor or it could be major in some cases.
  • Voicing – Changing or restoring the tone of your piano by adjusting or reconditioning the hammer felt.

Piano Tuning and Repair Pricing

  • estimate/consultations – no charge
  • service charge (other than tuning appointments.) – $35
  • pitch raise (if needed and not tuned in 1+ years) – $40
  • tuning (upright and grand) – $90
  • tuning (harpsichord) -$40
  • labor on major repairs (in addition to service charge) – $50/hour

(A basic $90 service appointment includes: Cleaning, Tuning and minor repairs/adjustments Рif needed)

Businesses and organizations that frequently used Atkinson Piano Service (when in California)

  • Santa Clarita Ballet Academy
  • Camerata of Los Angeles Chorus and Orchestra
  • William S. Hart School District
  • Sulfur Springs School District
  • Saugus School District
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour
  • Valencia Towne Center Mall
  • Various Churches throughout Santa Clarita Valley: Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Church of Christ, LDS, Jewish and others.

Businesses, organizations and clients of note currently using Atkinson Piano Service

  • American Fork Hospital
  • American Heritage School
  • Diamond Fork Junior High School
  • Keys On Main
  • Steven Sharp Nelson
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Westlake High School

To make an appointment, e-mail me at: or text me at 661-645-1673

(plan to make appointments at least one week in advance)